Monday, March 28, 2011

Choppy trading day

Markets kept in a narrow trading range for most of the day. In the last half hour of trading, markets sold off some.
Oil and copper went down over 1.5%, gold and silver both lost about 0.5%.
More chop is to be expected for the next few days, or maybe a little pullback.

I was long IAG from Friday, a swingtrade from Stewie. He also put on a new swingtrade, WNR.
I bailed on both trades (just under BE) when the S&P hit resistance and started to sell off. Not a bad decision considering both stocks ended the day much lower.

Stewie also got in BEXP for a swingtrade, but I missed the entry because the stock shot up too fast. I got in (as a daytrade) on a pullback. Took partial profit at R2 and then sold remainder when this pivot point acted as resistance. I didn't want to hold any longer since the market also was running into resistance and markets already are overbought after the run from the last couple of days. Same reason why I sold the swingtrades today.

The second daytrade was NFLX. The stock based under 238 until noon. When the 20EMA caught up with price, the breakout occured. In on the break and took partials at the Fib-levels shown (123, 138 & 150).
I couldn't stay to monitor the trade and it wasn't easy to set another target (target on the daily was too far away), so I sold the remainder of the shares just under 240. Next time I will use other Fib-levels; 138, 150 and 162. Those levels would've resulted in significantly extra gains.

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