Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New highs

Indices made new highs, only small caps (RUT) weren't, though they were leading the market in the beginning of the month.
Also notable, silver kept going lower after yesterday's reversal. Oil and gold did better, only down sligthly.

I got out CTXS (+1.37%) and ROK (+0.17%) because of upcoming earnings. Also I was stopped out of BSFT (-6.73%). New  positions opened in BMRN and COO.
I covered the SLV-puts I bought yesterday-morning for a nice %-gain (but small amount).

NFLX was down hard after earnings and seemed to bounce up in the morning. I got in $237.07 (average), sold half at 240.95 and the other half at 238.76 (raised SL).

Furthermore, I bought some ES-futures when price broke out the intraday bullflag. Only a small gain here after the 1345-level held as resistance.

No daytrades, I ment to swing NFLX and ES-futures, but stops got hit as said.

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