Monday, April 18, 2011

Trades from Thursday and Friday

I didn't find the time to post my trades of the last two trading days, so here is a summary.

Thursday: I got stopped out of one swingtrade, PTIE for a 3.74% loss. The IWM-swing didn't work out either, it gapped down big and I sold pre-market. The call was my insurance, which I both back cheap. It turned out I bougth IWM a day too soon.

I overtraded on my daytrades, SINA and BIDU both started well, but only went up little and reversed to stop me out. Same thing later in the day with EP and OVTI. Only one winner, DNDN. In hindsight, it was all in the volume.

Friday: I tried trades in URBN, RIG and OLN. They ended up as a loser and two breakevens. I bought WTW right at the open (nice breakout of a bullflag) which was a nice winner.

I also bought SPY-calls (May-expiration), expecting more upside next week.

Other swing-longs I got involved in on Friday: CT, OME, AVL and GGC. The SABA-trade is doing well so far.

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