Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nice bounce today, bulls preparing for earnings?

Yesterday, support held and the bulls kept going today, indices are up 1.5-2%.
The early morning rally faded soon, but around lunch hour, the market started running again. At the same time, gold and silver sold off big.
The market got back a nice piece of the losses from the past 8 trading sessions. The bulls would like to see some confirmation tomorrow. Maybe earnings can help with that. After hours earnings include AAPL, ISRG, VMW, CMG, RVBD. While ISRG and VMW surprised to the upside, RVBD right now is selling off like crazy.
AAPL-numbers blew it out, but shares halted for now. AMZN is reacting well, up over 2 points AH.

I sold TZOO (earnings day after tomorrow) for +7.10% and got stopped out of JVA +6.51%. Holding CHKP.

I bought some more stocks today, got in VHC too soon though, and rather late in AMZN:
VHC long 37.85
SOHU long 84.49
CRM long 158.30
GMCR long 91.06, already took of 1/4 at 1R and 1/4 at 2R
RAX long 43.74
AMZN long 218.01

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