Friday, December 30, 2011

Predictions for 2012

No, don't expect any bold calls on where stock A or ETF X will end in 2012. I have no crystal ball (too bad...), so no wild guesses. I think making predictions regarding stocks, commodities, indices etc. is a bunch of cr@p.
The future of price depends on too many factors like, where is the economy heading, natural (and other) disasters, earnings numbers, good/bad management and so on...

So instead of making predictions for 2012, I'll post some good intentions about my trading (at least that's something I can control):

- I'll try to trade with more patience (like I've been doing the last couple of months)
- I won't trade out of boredom (see previous point)
- I will approach each day without a short/long bias (just trade the damn charts!)
- When a good idea comes along, I will pay more attention to it and work out the details in order to pull the trigger when the time is right! (Plan the trade, trade the plan)
- I'll work hard on my blog, to try and improve my writing/style
- For every trade I make, the first task is risk management!
- Whenever the market is not trending, try to stay out, play ranges with option strategies
- In a trend, only use options as an hedge (for example: covered calls)

Some points are more specific than others, but with writing them down and rereading them often, something good should come out of this! So one last good intention: I'll read this post every day!

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