Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Euro & Oil Up, Stocks Down

While the euro is trading back at 1.36 and oil made a huge 2.5%-move higher, indices & equities saw some more selling. Tech was holding up quite well compared to other major indices. Small caps again underwent more selling than others. Still nothing to panic about. Volume is picking up a bit, but no big down days.

5m-chart SPY:

Daily charts DIA, SPY, QQQ and IWM:

Euro, oil, metals
Like already said, the euro is back at 1.36. A close above 1.362 and bulls are back in business.
Oil had a really good day, almost +2.5% and finally making a higher high for over a month.
Metals were mixed with copper and silver down about 0.5% and gold up 0.3%.

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