Thursday, March 31, 2011


The markets spend the whole day in a tight range, consolidating and digesting the recent move up. We're still not getting the pullback many are expecting here. The longer this consolidation takes place, the better this will be for the bulls.
Oil went up 2% overnight and precious metals also did quite well today. The semi's (SMH) are still getting rejected by the 35-level, this now for the fifth day in a row.

I closed all my swingtrades on the morning strength, expecting the rally would not last with resistance just above.
Although oil and silver were doing great, I closed EXK and USO as well, happy to take good gains here.
EXK: long 9.49 - closed 9.88 on average (10 was my first target, close enough)
KLAC: long 47.95 - closed 47.76 for a small loss
N: long 28.95 - closed 29.14
SRX: long 28.34 - closed 28.54
PCX: long 25.63 - closed 26.06 on average
USO: long 41.97 - closed 42.34 on average

Mostly small gains (except for KLAC and EXK), but I'm not going to take any more risks for now. More swings will follow when market has given more clues about direction. Still long CHK with loose stop.

One daytrade today: CIEN. In after the bounce from the 9EMA on the 5m-chart. Out partly after a quick pop up on big volume. I left some shares on, in case the stock would regain strength, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Stopped out breakeven on the remaining shares.

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